Your boundaries matter.

We are here for you.

Anlauf gegen Gewalt ("contact to combat violence") is your independent point of contact if you experience or have experienced physical, psychological or sexualised violence in elite sports. We listen to you and support you – anonymously and confidentially.

How we support you

Telefonische Beratung

Telephone advice

The counsellors at N.I.N.A. e. V. manage the telephone consultation hours. They have training in educational science, psychology and therapeutics and are familiar with the particularities of elite sport. They offer you a safe space to put your experiences into words and find initial help.



Prefer to write an email? The contact persons Gitta, Nadine and Ulli from Anlauf gegen Gewalt are here for you and will answer your written messages. Together you can explore options and ways forward. At your request, they will also support you over a longer period of time.

Psychotherapeutische Beratung

Initial psychotherapeutic counselling

After initial contact via telephone or email, you can contact a therapist if you desire . You will determine your needs together in an initial consultation. On request, they will refer you for local therapeutic support.

Rechtliche Erstberatung

Initial legal advice

After making initial contact via telephone or message, you can contact a lawyer if you desire. Together you will determine your needs and possible next steps in an initial consultation.

You can write us

Kontakt über E-Mail Your report remains confidential

Gitta, Nadine and Ulrike are experts in the field of violence and abuse in sports.

You can call us

Telephone advice
0800 90 90 444 Mon–Wed 9 am–1 pm · Tue & Thu 4–8 pm
Not available on national public holidays

The counsellors from N.I.N.A. eV are specialists with training in psychology, therapeutics and educational science. They listen to you and can offer you an initial professional assessment of your situation and give you specific advice on how to proceed. You can remain anonymous when you call.

The most urgent questions

You have landed on this page and, in doing so, have already taken a big step forward. However, we still understand your concerns. You may be wondering whether your experience is severe enough. The answer is: any experience is worth talking to us about. We are here for you. We take you seriously.

Anlauf gegen Gewalt operates independently of associations and clubs. We know that it takes courage and effort to deal with experiences of violence and abuse. Therefore, the only boundaries that count for us are yours.

  • You decide whether you want to give us your name or prefer to remain anonymous.
  • You decide whether to contact us by telephone or in writing.
  • You decide whether you wish things to remain at an initial consultation or be referred to psychotherapeutic or legal counselling.
  • You decide whether you want to exchange ideas with other survivors of violence and abuse or share on your experiences. We are currently working on building a network survivors and other affected parties.

If desired, you can also contact us anonymously and retain full control at all times. You determine which steps you want to take and at what pace.

You can reach the specialist counsellors at N.I.N.A. by telephone and the contact persons at Anlauf gegen Gewalt in writing. In an initial consultation, you will determine your individual needs together. You then decide how and whether to proceed. If you wish, we can refer you to initial legal or psychotherapeutic counselling. . Our contact persons Gitta and Nadine will remain available for you and will accompany you at your request.

There are no costs for you.

Anlauf gegen Gewalt is an initiative of Athleten Deutschland e.V.. Its establishment and operation were made possible thanks to grants from two foundations.

  • The telephone consultations of Anlauf gegen Gewalt are overseen by the specialist counsellors at N.I.N.A. e. V.
  • Requests sent to our email address are answered by our contact persons Gitta, Nadine and Ulli. They also provide long-term support for affected persons, if desired.
  • Initial legal advice: In the event that, following an initial consultation or several discussions with our contact persons or the specialist counsellors at N.I.N.A., a need for initial legal advice arises, we will refer you to lawyers from a law firm for a free initial consultation.
  • Psychological or psychotherapeutic support: we have a network of (trauma) therapists and psychologists to whom we can refer you at your request. There you will receive an initial consultation free of charge.
  • Anlauf gegen Gewalt was set up by the advocacy group for elite athletes, Athleten Deutschland with the support of two foundations.

Active and former national squad athletes can contact Anlauf gegen Gewalt and take advantage of the services offered by the contact point.

Relatives and/or persons who have observed violence and abuse in elite sport can contact Anlauf gegen Gewalt to speak to our contact persons about possible further steps they can take independently.

The contact persons at the contact point are your confidential advisors. This means that nobody will find out about your contact with Anlauf gegen Gewalt without your express wish. If you wish for us to approach your association, this would be done in close coordination with you via Athleten Deutschland e.V.

You can report to Anlauf gegen Gewalt if you have

  • experienced physical violence. This includes all attacks to your body and health, such as blows, kicks, deliberate poisoning or burns, and injuries with weapons.
  • experienced psychological violence. Psychological violence is also referred to as emotional or mental violence. It targets your inner self, your stability and your self-confidence and aims to scare or humiliate you. Although psychological violence is not visible, it is no less serious or hurtful than physical violence. Psychological violence encompasses the degradation of individuals, often in public settings, the fostering of dependency, and the use of threats.
  • experienced sexualised violence. This includes lewd remarks or gestures, unwanted touching, exposing oneself in front of other people (exhibitionism), sexual coercion and rape.
  • have experienced discrimination.
  • have experienced neglect.
  • The various forms of violence are not mutually exclusive and can also occur at the same time.

Anlauf gegen Gewalt is an initiative of Athleten Deutschland, the independent representative of German national squad athletes. Together with our members, we fight for the world's best framework conditions that offer you the opportunity to develop your sporting and personal potential.

In order to fill the void of an independent point of contact and provide affected athletes with quick and unbureaucratic help, Athleten Deutschland set up Anlauf gegen Gewalt ("contact to combat violence").

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About us

Anlauf gegen Gewalt is an initiative of Athleten Deutschland, the independent advocacy group of German national squad athletes. Together with our members, we fight for the world's best framework conditions that offer you the opportunity to develop your sporting and personal potential.

Because the protection of squad athletes is one of our core concerns, we founded Anlauf gegen Gewalt – the first independent contact point in elite sports. Here, those affected can put what they have experienced into words and begin to cope with what has happened. Anlauf gegen Gewalt is external to any association structures but is, nevertheless, at home in sports. Our commitment to combating violence and abuse goes even further. Athleten Deutschland provided the impetus for an independent centre for safe sport, the establishment of which is anchored in the coalition agreement of the Federal Government and is to be implemented in a timely manner.

In an acute crisis? And we can't be reached by phone right now?

Crisis hotline

Our crisis hotline is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On 0800 111 0 111 , 0800 111 0 222 or 116 123, as well as online, you can always reach people who listen to you and support you.

Number for those dealing with grief

Available by phone on 116111 and via chat, the Number for those dealing with grief will help you in any crisis situation.

Sexual Abuse Help Portal

In the Sexual Abuse Help Portal, you will find a helpline 0800 22 55 530 and an online counselling service for young people and adults.

Safe Sport e.V.

Recreational athletes affected by violence and abuse can get in touch with the contact point of Safe Sport e.V. The contact point can be reached by phone on 0800 11 222 00 (Mon–Wed 10–12 a.m., Thu 3–5 p.m.). On request, a consultation can be arranged (online or on site).

Gewalt gegen Frauen (Violence against Women) helpline

0800 0116 016 or online.

Gewalt an Männern (Violence against Men) helpline

0800 123 99 00 or online.

Trauma outpatient clinics

Trauma outpatient clinics offer people quick and uncomplicated psychological counselling and, if necessary, psychotherapeutic support. You will find a nationwide overview here.

Medical care

Hospitals offer emergency medical assistance and confidential securing of evidence after violent offences. No report is made to the police. Hospitals in your area can be found on the Internet using the keywords »Medical care after violent offences« and your place of residence.